Chill Steel Pipes Blog and Customer Reviews

Chill Steel Pipes Blog and Customer Reviews

The Chill Steel Pipes Bong has received rave reviews from expert reviewers to consumers. Here we will highlight some of the reviews by both parties to give you a sense of what the market thinks of this bong and why it is so well received in the cannabis community.

Chill Steel Pipes Blog and Customer Reviews

Blog Reviews

The Chill Pipe is a round base bong, and the shape necessitates more water than some other types of water pipes. The base needs to be about 3/4 full to get a smooth, clear hit. Any less and you’ll be coughing like a rookie on your first drag – I wasn’t kidding when I said she rips. The amount of water this bong needs means I don’t break it out every day (my water tank is only 33 gallons) but when I do I make the most of it.

It’s hard to choose one thing I love most about this bong, but the fact that it breaks down is amazing. The neckpiece unscrews from the base, so you’re not left trying to store a 13″ piece, something that is nearly impossible to do in my van. Instead, I can break down this pipe and easily store it away, knowing that it’s safe (and concealed.) It breaks down quickly and assembles quickly. I’ve never seen another bong that has a removable neckpiece, and it’s just one more thing that sets the Chill apart.

Like any quality bong, this piece isn’t cheap and will cost you over $100. But what you get in return is a well-made bong that will outlast any glass piece on the market in durability. I’ve broken several glass pieces, and I take comfort in knowing there’s only one piece of this bong that I could break – and it’s the smallest piece that’s easy to replace.

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Chill Steel Pipes Blog and Customer Reviews

Our favorite features of the Chill Steel Pipe are:

- Enjoy ice cold hits all day with a double wall vacuum insulated build that resists heat penetration, keeping ice solid and preventing heat from penetrating, and water icy cold for up to 24 hours!

- Chill's two-piece modular design and threaded connection make it easy to clean and add ice. If you want to switch up the look, you can select from a wide range of beautifully designed bases and neckpieces.

- Stainless steel was designed to handle all the bumps and tip-overs. The ceramic-coated interior delivers the smoothest, glass-like hits and easily cleans with only isopropyl alcohol.

Chill has created one of the best modular bongs available on the market today. It’s not only a pleasure to use, but it’s also safe to transport, easy to clean, and very practical. All in all, this unique bong will literally last you a lifetime of enjoyable smoking sessions.

- A Chill Steel Pipes Distributor

Chill Steel Pipes Blog and Customer Reviews


The Chill Steel Pipe is a versatile and innovative bong that pairs perfectly with your Storz and Bickel Volcano, or any other cannabis vaporizer. The Chill Steel Pipe, or Yeti Bong, is an innovative and fun product that's perfect for use with your favorite vaporizer. It's easy to clean, delivers ice-cold hits, and is customizable to suit your style. Give it a try and experience the difference for yourself!


Customer Reviews

I got this new bong over the summer that I really like. It's made of steel with a kind of ceramic lining. The stem part comes off, so you can drop full size ice cubes in the water. This disassembly feature also makes it super easy to clean. And they're really cool looking (ymmv) and come in a bunch of different colors and patterns. You can even mix 'n' match the top and bottom to customize your rig. It's got a regular 14mm opening, so you can use your own bowls and downstems if you want to, and it will accommodate an ash catcher or banger.

- Jellyfish (

Chill Steel Pipes Blog and Customer Reviews

Great bong. I needed an unbreakable bong because I am butter fingers. This is wonderful, keeps icy water overnight. Nice clean hits. Another thing is how it comes apart for cleaning, so much easier.

- Steven G. (

I've been using this for a few months now and I can safely say that it's the best water pipe I've ever owned. Extremely smooth hits, even without ice! And even more impressive is how easy this is to clean. Resin doesn't stick to ceramic the same way it does to glass, so all you usually need to clean this is hot water. On occasion after heavy use you may need a touch of alcohol, but no need for salt, or excessive shaking to clean everything. Being metallic makes this both striking to the eye and durable. I expect to be using this for years to come. 

-Rodney (Chill Steel Pipes)

Chill Steel Pipes Blog and Customer Reviews

All in all, it is clear to see that Chill Steel Pipes is one of the most durable, convenient and functional bongs in the game. With its tough stainless steel build, modular technology, and insulation that keeps your bong water colder for longer, you can’t go wrong with a Chill Steel Pipes bong!

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