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Vuber Pulse Vaporizer 🔋

Vuber Pulse Vaporizer 🔋

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The Vuber Pulse battery is a revolutionary 510-thread battery that offers unmatched performance. As a patented smart battery, it automatically adjusts settings for optimal use by reading the cartridge's resistance. With the ability to enhance flavor, increase hit size, and regulate temperature, it ensures the user never burns out the cartridge. Equipped with an OLED screen displaying battery life, resistance, voltage, and wattage, the Pulse also features Vuber's patented "Never Burn" technology, which tapers the heat as you draw for a consistently flavorful hit. 

The battery can be used while charging, eliminating any delay in the vaping experience. For users who desire more control, the Pulse has a "manual" mode that allows for the selection of four preset voltages (2.8, 3.2, 3.4, or 3.7 volts) to achieve the desired temperature. Experience a truly unique vaping experience with the PULSE and its "Never Burn" technology that customizes voltage

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