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8-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher

8-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher

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A great way to enhance the action on your glass bongs & water pipes, this 8-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher is built to handle big rips without adding too much drag. Like the name implies, this ash catcher is equipped with 8 distinct arms, each containing slits at the end of the glass that effectively diffuse your smoke through water. This allows for a smoother hit and a cleaner water pipe by stopping ash and other unwanted debris from pulling through to the main chamber of your bong. This thick scientific glass ash catcher is available in your choice of 14mm or 18mm joint sizes, each with a 45° angled joint that works best with beaker bongs and straight tube water pipes that also have a 45° connection. It also comes in your choice between clear, blue, or green colored accents on the tree perc so you can match your favorite piece. Keep your bong clean while amplifying the filtration power with the 8-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher from the best online head shop!

Get Connected:

Compatible with Bongs & Water Pipes
CaliConnected 8-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher
Blue, Green or Clear Color Accents
Premium Borosilicate Glass
8-Arm Tree Percolator
Clear Glass Body
4.5” inches Tall
45° Joint*
2” inch Diameter
Thick Scientific Glass
Male Joint Fits Female Joints
Choice of 45° or 90° Joint Angles
14mm or 18mm Joint Sizes Available
Accepts 14mm & 18mm Joints Respectively

*Note: 45-degree angled ashcatchers are meant to pair with 45-degree water pipe joints, while 90-degree angled ashcatchers will work best on joints that sit upright at a 90-degree angle.
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