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Ardent MINI

Ardent MINI

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Definition of small and mighty! The new Ardent MINI features the same patented technology and sleek design as the best-selling Ardent FX in a compact, ultra-convenient size. Decarb at-home or on-the-go, whip up a potent infusion, and easily create in any space!

This cute canna-companion is an exciting upgrade to the beloved Ardent Nova. The Ardent MINI includes separate settings: A1 (THC & CBG), A2 (CBD), and Infuse. Additionally, use the A2 setting to bake something small in-unit. The MINI can hold up to 1 ounce of flower depending on density and 6 ounces of oil.

The portable device comes with a custom-fit carrying case, resembling a mini bag. Perfect for those who travel or live in close quarters as it fits about anywhere there is an outlet!

How to Use

Remove the MINI lid, then insert the desired amount of material (flower, kief, concentrates, stems, trim, etc.) inside the unit and place the cover back on top before beginning your decarb cycle. Choose A1 to activate THC and CBG-rich material and A2 to activate CBD-rich material.

After the decarb cycle is complete, pour your infusion medium (ghee, butter, oil, milk, cream, and more) on top, covering it entirely, and begin the infusion process by running the MINI’s Infuse setting.

Once your infusion cycle is complete, strain out your material and either add your infusion to a recipe or store for later use.

Bake a tiny treat, using the activated material or infusion, directly inside the unit on the A2 setting.

Compatible With

The Ardent MINI is compatible with the Gen 2 Frainer and Infusion Mold, and most of the Infusion Kits.

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