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Arizer Air Max Dry Herb Vaporizer

Arizer Air Max Dry Herb Vaporizer

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The Arizer Air Max Vaporizer is here to build on the solid foundation of the Air and Air II and offer an even more gratifying dry herb vaping experience. This powerful portable vape is slightly taller than the Air II but features a massive 26650mAh battery compared to the 18650mAh battery in its predecessor, allowing this vape to function for more than two hours per charge. The Air Max vaporizer features a more efficient heating system and can reach your desired temperature in under a minute. Precision temperature control enables you to zero in on your happy temperature based on the type of strain and vapor profile you prefer while an isolated air-path & kit of glass aroma tubes provide for flavor, purity, and the "true vaporization" experience for which Arizer is so well known. In addition to the tube caps that the Air II came with, the Air Max includes PVC tubes to fit each glass attachment, making them even more travel friendly and safe from damage. Backed by a solid 3-year warranty instead of the 2-year warranty of the Air 2, this portable vaporizer incorporates the highest quality components, heating, and ease-of-use to take you even higher than before.

The Arizer Air Max is equipped with a powerful interchangeable battery that lasts longer than its predecessor. The Max now features USB-C charging which fully charges the battery more quickly than its predecessor and the still boasts a pass-through capability so you can vape while the unit is charging. The Arizer Air Max features precision temperature control so you can choose down to the degree the best temperature for your vaping style, whether you prefer flavor-rich sips, moderate rips, or large clouds. You can also choose the ideal temperature for your dry herb strain, as each strain has its own sweet spot for unlocking essential compounds. The Arizer Air Max vaporizer delivers incredible vapor production of intense flavor and purity thanks to its precision engineering, which keeps vapor out of contact with surfaces that might otherwise taint its purity. An isolated vapor path keeps each rip unadulterated by electronics, with no unwanted tastes or odors, while vapor travels through high quality aroma tubes made of borosilicate glass like your favorite glass bongs & pipes. The joint on the heating chamber of the Arizer Air Max can also be easily attached to your favorite water pipe or bong using the included adapter that didn’t come standard with the Air II.

The Arizer Max offers control over all the essentials with the easy-to-use LED display. As you power on, a happy face always welcomes you to your sesh. From there on you can edit audio alerts that let you know when your session is ready, dark mode that shuts down the Arizer Max screen to preserve battery, and display brightness, while keeping track of battery life, precision temperature, and the heat indicator. An added feature of the Arizer Max is that it inverts the text on the LED display when it is flipped so it is easier to read when used with a water pipe. The Arizer Max portable vaporizer features a simple control interface with plus and minus buttons for quick handling of your vaping sessions and precision temperature control. The Arizer Max vape is the ideal companion for dry herb enthusiasts who want the quality offered by larger desktop units, but with a more compact & portable design. The original Air was excellent, the Air II was even better, and the Air Max is the best portable vaporizer Arizer has to offer.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Arizer Air Max Vaporizer
Water Pipe Attachment
Glass Aroma Tubes
PVC Travel Tubes
Portable Design
Isolated Airpath
Faster Heat Up
USB-C Charger
26650mAh Battery
Compact & Portable
More Battery Capacity
Pass-Through Charging
3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Box Includes:

1 x Arizer Air Max Vaporizer
1 x Interchangeable Battery
1 x Borosilicate Aroma Tube w. Tip
1 x Borosilicate Aroma Tube
2 x Silicone Tube Caps
1 x Glass Herb Dish
1 x Stir Tool
4 x Filter Screens
3 x PVC Travel Tubes
1 x Pack of Botanical Herbs
1 x Manufacturer User Manual
1 x 14mm Water Pipe Attachment
1 x USB-C Cable w. Power Adapter

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