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Astor Hemp Wick Holder and Ashtray

Astor Hemp Wick Holder and Ashtray

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Light your favorite smoke naturally with the House Of Puff Astor Hemp Wick Holder and Ashtray set. Made from organic hemp and beeswax, this set offers a healthier alternative to traditional lighters and matches. The hemp wick burns at a lower temperature, providing a more precise and even burn without any harsh chemicals. It also comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

The handcrafted stoneware pieces are food-safe, and each features slight glaze variations, showcasing the unique touch of the artist. Keep your wick tidy and ready to use with the holder, and rest your smoke in the divet of the ashtray for a perfect fit. Perfect for any decor, this set will make a stunning addition to your table.

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