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Barrow Street Bowl Ashtray

Barrow Street Bowl Ashtray

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Transform your next sesh with the elegant Barrow Street Bowl Ashtray. It's specifically crafted for easy setup and efficient smoking. This ashtray has more functionality than just holding ash. The exquisite design of the Barrow Street Bowl Ashtray serves a practical purpose as well. The wide, shallow bowl is ideal for grinding directly into or mixing multiple ingredients for a gourmet smoking experience. 

The curve in the bowl allows for effortless packing of your one-hitter, while the strategically placed divet simplifies filling pre-rolled cones. No more mess on your countertop or trays. Once you've finished packing your pipe or cone, simply pick up the bowl by its charming foot and pour any leftover mix back into your storage container. Inspired by the refined atmosphere of New York City's West Village, the Barrow Street Herb Bowl is the perfect addition to your coffee table or herb collection.

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