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Benji $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Papers

Benji $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Papers

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Show the haters you mean business with these $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Papers from Benji. These high-quality rolling papers are made with all-natural, non-toxic vegetable oil coloring and are nearly identical to real $100 notes! Every Benji Rolling Paper offers a slow and smooth burn, with no nicotine or tobacco, for the most enjoyable smoking experience possible. Each booklet contains twenty $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Papers and twenty filter tips with a full box of Benji Papers containing 24 booklets (480 papers).

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Benji $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Papers
Made with Vegetable Oil Coloring
Premium Non-Toxic Ingredients
Organic Proprietary Sugar Glue
Enhanced Lick-to-Seal Strip

Unique $100 Bill Design
Nicotine Free
Filters per Pack: 20
Papers per Pack: 20
Money-Themed Rolling Papers

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