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Benji Franklin Pre-Roll & Match Box

Benji Franklin Pre-Roll & Match Box

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Get everything you need to roll and light up on the go with the Benji Franklin Box! These unique boxes come with 10 of Benji’s signature King Sized Cones. It also comes with 12 matches and a striking area to spark up without a lighter. These Franklin Boxes are perfect for taking on a trip or gifting to a friend!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Benji Franklin Pre-Roll & Match Box
Premium Non-Toxic Ingredients
Unique $100 Bill Design
Vegetable Oil Coloring
Organic Sugar Glue
Highly Detailed
10 Cones per Box
Match Striking Area
12 Matches Per Box
All-Natural & Organic
Nicotine & Tobacco-Free
Money-Themed Rolling Papers
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