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CaliConnected ISO Rox Bong Cleaning Kit

CaliConnected ISO Rox Bong Cleaning Kit

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The CaliConnected ISO Rox Cleaning Kit combines 99% pure isopropyl alcohol with a perfect ratio of granulated rock salt to provide the best glass bong cleaning solution money can buy. Other glass cleaners can be much more costly and sometimes even leave your glass pipes with spots and streaks when finished. CaliConnected ISO Rox includes a 16oz bottle of 99% pure isopropyl alcohol and a 4oz bottle of rock salt for the strongest, most cost-effective way to clean your glass. The potent isopropyl alcohol quickly breaks down stubborn residues while the coarse rock salt removes gunk and debris built up on the interior walls of your glass pipes. 

CaliConnected ISO Rox provides a spotless, streak-free finish on both glass and metal pipes. Simply combine the isopropyl alcohol and salt inside your piece, plug up any openings, and shake it clean. You can also utilize this bong cleaning solution on various other pieces, including hand pipes, glass/metal vaporizer components, and other smoking accessories that need a quick clean. Ensure you always get the best look and performance of your favorite glass bongs and pipes with the CaliConnected ISO Rox Bong Cleaning Kit today!

How to Use: 

  1. Fill and empty your pipe using warm water to remove excess debris.
  2. Combine a mix of ISO Pure & Salt Rox inside the empty pipe using a 4 to 1 ratio.
  3. Plug the holes and shake the pipe for up to five minutes.
  4. Rinse with water & repeat as needed!

Get Connected:

CaliConnected ISO Rox Combo
Glass Bong Cleaning Solution
99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol
Coarse Granulated Salt
Streak-Free Finish
Made in the USA
16oz ISO Bottle
4oz Rock Salt

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