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Blast Off Bundle

Blast Off Bundle

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Whether you have both the Nova and FX devices and are looking to subtly upgrade your experience with both, or if you’re looking to hack your FX experience, this bundle is for you. Both Nova Vessels fit comfortably on the FX Double Lifter, operating as concise, mini Infusion Sleeves on each level.

How to Use

Add material to Nova Vessels and place one on each FX Double Lifter shelf. Decarb and infuse directly in the Ardent FX unit with interchangeable shelves for added stability and efficiency. Alternatively, insert one Vessel it into the Nova, rotate the handle 45-90 degrees, cover the Nova, and begin your cycle. If using your activated material or infusion later, store it in the airtight Nova Vessel, away from direct sunlight.

Compatible With

The Nova Vessel is compatible with the Ardent Nova. The FX Double Lifter, with Nova Vessels on both shelves, is compatible with the Ardent FX.

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