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Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cones | Purple Bundle

Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cones | Purple Bundle

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Skip the rolling and start smoking sooner with the Purple Pre-Rolled Cones from Blazy Susan! Made in France, these cones are rolled with ultra thin paper to ensure a slow consistent burn. Pre-rolled cones are popular for their convenience, just grind your herb, pack it in and enjoy! Crafted out of premium wood pulp, the end result is a vegan and non-GMO product to maintain the purest flavor of your herb. The mellow purple hue of these cones is sure to add a bit of luxury to your next smoke sesh!

Bundles contain 50 loose cones; each cone includes a built-in filter.

Available in 2 different sizes:

1¼ Inch - Full box, each cone holds ~0.75g ground herb

King Size - Full box, each cone holds ~1.25g ground herb

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