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Boveda 62% 2-Way Relative Humidity Control Packs (Size 8)

Boveda 62% 2-Way Relative Humidity Control Packs (Size 8)

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Once you go Boveda, you’ll never go back. Boveda® Humidity Packs are hands down the easiest way to preserve your dry herbs' freshness & potency while in storage. The 62% Humidity Packs provide the cleanest and most purified humidity available for herbs and will effectively preserve your product's colors, tastes, aroma & potency. World-renowned cigar companies use these simple yet highly beneficial packets to keep their products from drying. The top cannabis companies, rolling papers, and blunt wrap brands even use Boveda Humidity Packs to keep their products fresh in storage and during transportation. These same benefits are now available for the everyday person in an 8-gram size perfect for use with your personal stash.

How it Works:

Storing dry herbs for extended periods of time will cause them to lose potency and dry out over time. Boveda® humidity packs work by adding or removing moisture as needed to ensure an ideal relative humidity inside your storage container at all times. These humidity control packs in specific will keep your storage containers air at exactly 62% relative humidity, specifically engineered to maintain the perfect moisture levels found in dry herbs, flowers, hemp, and other herbal medicines.

How Boveda Humidity Control Packs Work

Boveda humidity packs are made up of a saturated solution of water & salt. That’s it! Boveda only consists of 100% pure water vapor and is contained within a permeable package that uses a “reverse osmosis” membrane to release and absorb purified water vapor as needed. Having too much moisture in your storage container runs the risk of possible contamination from mold or mildew. Too little moisture and your plants will dry up and lose their potency. In terms of dry herbs such as hemp and medicinal cannabis, Boveda’s moisture retention properties allow cannabis to stay properly hydrated and hold onto its trichomes. These trichomes hold the therapeutic benefits exclusive to cannabis and allow your plants to retain optimal medicinal effectiveness. Let Boveda Humidity Packs do the balancing act for you by maintaining an ideal relative humidity of 62%, thereby locking in the tastes & efficacy of your dry herbs. If your plants could talk, they’d ask for Boveda!

How to Use:

Super simple to use, add Boveda® Humidity Packs to your TightVacs, stash cans, mason jars, or whatever airtight storage container you plan on using to keep your herbs fresh. No activation needed. Leave it on the bottom, lay it up top, or squeeze it in between; Boveda won't negatively affect your plants through direct contact. Each Boveda pack will last a few months and can be replaced whenever it loses its softness & becomes rigid.

Boveda 62% Humidity Control Size 8

Naturally, the more you use, the longer it will last. Boveda will never over-humidify beyond the relative humidity labeled on the pack, so using more than the recommended size will make it last longer. Available in 4 different sizes from the manufacturer, these 8-gram Boveda packs are designed for small to medium-sized containers that hold between 14-28 grams of dry herbs. Do not mix Boveda humidity levels within the same container, or it will significantly reduce each package's efficiency. Likewise, do not use Boveda in the same container as other humidification products. 

Get Connected:

Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Boveda® 62% 8g Humidity Pack
2-Way Relative Humidity Control
Designed for 14-28g of Herb
Retains More Terpenes
Individually Wrapped
8 Gram Pouches
Preserves Freshness

Proudly Made in the USA
Protects Medicinal Potency
Locks in Colors, Tastes & Aromas
Lasts for Months in Sealed Container

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