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45-Degree Quartz Banger - 14mm Male Joint

45-Degree Quartz Banger - 14mm Male Joint

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The CaliConnected Quartz Banger is the perfect way to enjoy your concentrates. The 45 degree groundless joint allows it to work with any 45 degree dab rig, and the inner bucket diameter measures 18mm. Made from high-quality quartz, this banger is built to last and can withstand high temperatures.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
CaliConnected 45-Degree Quartz Banger
Male Joint fits Female Joints
14mm Polished Joint
High Grade Quartz
Flat Oil Dish
45° Angle*

*Note: 45-degree joints are meant to fit water pipe joints that sit at a 45-degree angle. This CaliConnected Quartz Banger works best with any 45-degree, 14mm female joint.

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