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18" Cone Perc Bong

18" Cone Perc Bong

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The CaliConnected Cone Perc Bong measures 18” inches tall and features three percolator water chambers! From the base to the top, this water pipe has a slitted inline percolator and a honeycomb filter in the bottom chamber. In its second percolation chamber rests a conical showerhead percolator just under a triple pinch ice catcher to ensure your smoke is thoroughly chilled. It includes an 18mm male bowl slide with a built-in screen.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
CaliConnected Cone Perc Bong
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Matching Accent Colors
Multiple Percolators
Fixed Downstem
18” inches Tall
Straight Neck
90° Joint Angle
Round Mouthpiece

18mm Female Joint
Reinforced Downstem
18mm Male Bowl Piece

Straight Tube Water Pipe
Thick Scientific Glass Bong
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