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Freezable Cup Bong

Freezable Cup Bong

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Craving the refreshing filtration of a water pipe on the go? The CaliConnected Freezable Cup Bong has exactly what you need! Both stealthy and functional, this cup bong has a crushed ice cup design that doubles as a freezable gel to add an extra level of chill to your smoke. This bong features a silicone top and bowl cap that glow under UV light. The bowl piece is 14mm male and is made from high-quality borosilicate glass. Measuring 6” inches tall, this Freezable Cup Bong is ready for the road and fits into most cup holders.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
CaliConnected Freezable Cup Bong
Freezable Glycerin Bong
Removable Downstem

Straw Mouthpiece
UV Silicone Parts
Pop-off Lid
6” inches Tall

Easy to Clean
Effortless Setup
Silicone Bowl Cap
14mm Male Bowl Piece
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Discreet Sippy Cup Water Pipe

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