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Glass Daisy Screens

Glass Daisy Screens

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If you like ash in your mouth, then this product is not for you. For those of us who prefer to avoid this unpleasant experience altogether, then these Glass Daisy Screens will be your godsend. Available in your choice of quantity, these colored glass screens are shaped like tiny little flowers and range in size from ¼” to ⅜” inches in diameter. Each Glass Daisy Screen is designed to fit snug into your water pipe bowl piece or hand pipe bowl and remains in place for multiple uses. The unique design allows smoke to flow smoothly while keeping any big chunks of burnt herb from pulling through to your water pipe or getting near your mouth. Each Glass Daisy Screen is handmade and completely unique, arriving in a random assortment of colors.

CaliConnected Glass Daisy Screens

Glass Daisy Screens are growing in popularity as a healthier alternative to using metal or brass screens of the past. Glass screens are infinitely reusable, working to absorb heat and better preserve flavors compared to their metal counterparts. To install a Glass Daisy Screen into your bowl, simply take the screen while holding from the top and insert the prolonged tip, or stem, at the bottom into the center of your bowl where you would normally put a mesh screen. Be mindful that every Daisy Screen is individually made and don't always fit perfectly so don’t force the stem into your pipe--that’s why we sell them in quantities of 5 or more! Once your Glass Daisy Screen is installed it should create a nice semi-flat surface to pack your herbs neatly on top.

Get Connected:

CaliConnected Glass Daisy Screens
Made to fit any Bowl Piece/Hand Pipe
High-Quality Colored Glass
Prevents Residue Buildup
Keeps your Pipe Clean
Assorted Colors
Easy to Install
Infinitely Reusable
High Temp Resistance
Reusable Glass Screens
¼” - ⅜” inches in Diameter
Convenient Quantity Options
Healthier Alternative to Metal Screens
Works with Glass, Metal, Ceramic & Acrylic Pipes
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