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4.5" Snow Globe Dab Rig

4.5" Snow Globe Dab Rig

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Instead of snowflakes, this snow globe was made to be filled with smoke from your favorite concentrates! The CaliConnected Snow Globe Dab Rig features a one-of-a-kind snow globe chamber designed for cooling down hot dabs. Standing at 4.5” inches tall with a 14mm quartz banger, this mini rig is the perfect piece for flavorful rips. The Snow Globe Dab Rig is equipped with a fixed downstem that filters each dab through water and a small color-accented mouthpiece that acts as a guard against splash back. Shake up your collection with the CaliConnected Snow Globe Dab Rig today!

Get Connected:

Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
CaliConnected Snow Globe Dab Rig
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Colored Glass Accents
Natural Splash Guard
Snow Globe Design
Fixed Downstem
4.5” inches Tall
90° Joint Angle
Flared Mouthpiece
14mm Female Joint
14mm Quartz Banger
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Cheap Scientific Glass Mini Rig

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