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CaliConnected XL Thick Quartz Banger (90° Angle)

CaliConnected XL Thick Quartz Banger (90° Angle)

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Made from 100% pure quartz, these XL Thick Bangers from CaliConnected have a flat top for creating a tight seal with a carb cap and an extra thick glass bottom which heats up quickly and holds heat longer. The bucket measures 40mm deep by 20mm wide, and these are available in 14mm & 18mm male sizes.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
CaliConnected XL Thick Banger
Crafted for Heat Retention
Highest Quality Quartz

Double Bucket Design
20mm Bottom Dish
Frosted Bottom
Oil Accessory
Polished Joint
90° Joint Angle
Low Temp Dabbing
14mm & 18mm Sizes
Scientific Quartz Banger

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