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Chill Steel Pipes Mix & Match Series Neckpiece

Chill Steel Pipes Mix & Match Series Neckpiece

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Looking to individualize your Chill Steel Pipes Bong? The Mix & Match Series Neckpiece has a threaded connection designed to fit any Steel Chill Pipes Water Pipe. These interchangeable neckpieces are made from the same high-quality stainless steel as the original Chill Steel Pipes Bong with vacuum-insulated double walls that keep your hits ice-cold. The Mix & Match Series Neckpieces are best paired with similarly colored Chill Steel Pipes Bongs or Mix & Match Series Bases. Mix it up and create your own unique look with the Chill Steel Pipes Mix & Match Series Neckpiece!

Get Connected:

Chill Steel Pipes Insulated Neckpiece
Fits Chill Steel Pipes Beaker Bongs
Fits Mix & Match Series Bases
Durable Stainless Steel Body
Threaded Connections
Mix & Match Series
Unique Designs

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