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Clean Buzz Castaway Hand Pipe

Clean Buzz Castaway Hand Pipe

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Like other Metal Pipes, the CastAway Pipe System is a contemporary, reusable version of a smoking pipe that offers greater practicality compared to traditional glass pipes. Its cutting-edge design and superior artistry enhance the smoking experience, making it a low maintenance and efficient session. Unlike other weed pipe filters, our patent-pending technology is capable of capturing between 200mg to 300mg of tar while still allowing you to experience the full potency of your flower with every hit. There is an herb chamber with a 0.3g-capacity bowl and shell designed for easy, effortless, and efficient loading of your marijuana.

The core of the pipe is as smooth as glass, which prevents resin buildup and makes cleaning a breeze. The ash is easily removed, further streamlining the cleaning process.
CleanBuzz Technologies is dedicated to providing customers with the purest and healthiest smoking experience for cannabis consumption. With our advanced filtration system, harmful substances are removed, and the smoke is cooled before inhalation, providing a healthier and more flavorful smoking experience that maximizes the medicinal benefits of cannabis. To redefine the flower smoking experience, we are introducing the innovative new CastAway Pipe System.      This high-tech pipe system includes a disposable bowl liner to enhance every smoking experience with a clean pipe. “Savor the Flavor". 

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