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Colored Glass Water Pipe Bowl Piece - 14mm Male

Colored Glass Water Pipe Bowl Piece - 14mm Male

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Whether you’re in need of a replacement bowl or looking to add some color to an otherwise boring bong, these cheap glass 14mm Funnel Bowls are the most affordable way to get your favorite piece up and running again. The Colored Glass Water Pipe Replacement Bowl is available in a variety of stylish colors to meet any preference, each one equipped with a single hole, funnel-style bowl for small-to-medium packs of your dry herbs. A worked glass handle provides a functional grip while removing it from your water pipe to clear each hit, and doubles as a handy roll-stop when the bowl is tabled between uses. The Colored Glass Replacement Bowl features a 14mm male ground joint that fits snug into any 14mm female joint water pipe. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Replacement Glass Bowl Piece
Colored Borosilicate Glass
Worked Glass Handle
14mm Joint Size
Funnel Bowl
Single Hole 
Ground Joint
5mm Thick Glass
Multiple Color Choices
Personal Size Bowl Packs
Male Joint Fits Female Joints

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