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Cookies x G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

Cookies x G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

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Designed in collaboration with legendary Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Berner, G Pen is thrilled to release the Cookies x G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer! This stunning limited-edition release is fully customized throughout in universally recognized Cookies blue with matching white and blue accessories. The Cookies Edition G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer is both visually magnificent and revolutionary in functionality just like the original Micro+ Vaporizer.

Cookies Blue G Pen Micro Plus Vaporizer

The Cookies G Pen Micro+ is the pinnacle of wax vaporizer pens. This discreet concentrate pen features supreme functionality and an intuitive design made for on-the-go vaping. The Micro Plus replaces Grenco Science’s Micro G Vaporizer, outfitted with countless upgrades to match more modern and effective vape pens. The Cookies Edition Micro+ is equipped with unique smart-chip technology that regulates consistent heat distribution to ensure that each dab is evenly vaporized, meaning more flavor and less wasted materials. Battery life was an issue with the original Micro G, and the Cookies Micro+ Vaporizer Pen features a more powerful, longer-lasting 850mAh lithium-ion battery with haptic feedback and USB-C charging.

Cookies Blue G Pen Micro Plus Vaporizer

The Cookies x G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer features Cartridge Recognition Technology that allows you to switch between the Micro+ Tank or any other industry standard 510-thread pre-filled cartridge. This proprietary technology unique to G Pen recognizes when you swap your atomizer with a pre-filled cartridge and adjusts the Micro+ battery to apply separate power outputs for optimal heating. The Cookies Micro+ tank combines a fully ceramic heating plate with a quartz liner inside a stainless steel enclosure. The dual-channel stainless steel housing features integrated airflow that is built to provide consistent heat application. The result is optimized flavor profiles on every heat setting and balanced airflow for maximum vapor production.

Cookies x G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

The final component of the Cookies G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer is the food-grade silicone mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has an ergonomic design intended to rest comfortably on your lips with each pull. The ceramic air path inside the mouthpiece ensures steady airflow and offers hassle-free cleaning. Grenco Science bundled the Cookies Edition Micro+ Vaporizer with a matching hemp travel case that includes designated space for a wax container, a mesh pocket with a branded G Pen Keychain Tool, and a USB to USB-C Charging Cable. Try out the latest and greatest in vape pen technology and do it in style with the Cookies G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer!

How to Use:

Using the Cookies G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer is very straightforward with its simple single-button controls. To turn the device on/off, rapidly click the power button 5 times. The LED light around the button will blink 3 times to let you know the device is fully powered. Click the button 3 times to toggle through the 3 voltage settings that are color-coded to represent each temperature. Blue signifies low heat (2.5V), green is medium (2.75V), and red represents high heat (3.0V).

Once the Cookies G Pen Micro+ is powered on and the tank is loaded, an optional Session Mode can be activated by clicking the power button twice. The LED light surrounding the power button will remain lit, and the vape battery will heat for 10 seconds without the need for holding the button down. This automatic heating can be canceled at any time by clicking the button again.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Cookies G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer Pen
Cartridge Recognition Technology
510-Threaded Vape Battery 🔋
Cookies Blue Color Scheme
Smart-Chip Technology
Extended Draw Mode
850mAh LI Battery
Ceramic Atomizer
USB-C Charging
Ergonomic Design
Single Button Controls
Universal 510-Threading
Consistent Heat Application
Discreet Pen Style Vaporizer
Works with Pre-Filled Cartridges
Matching Hemp Travel Case Included
Variable Voltage Battery (2.5V, 2.75V, and 3.0V)

Box Includes:

1 x Cookies G Pen Micro+
1 x Micro+ Tank
1 x Tank Cover
1 x Travel Case
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Charging Cable

1 x Keychain Loading Tool

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