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Daze Glass 22" Double UFO Perc Bong

Daze Glass 22" Double UFO Perc Bong

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There are bongs, and then there are bongs. The Double UFO Perc Bong from Daze Glass is one of those bongs that every smoker should get the privilege to blaze. It's a monumental piece that will have you floored when you take your first hit with it. It features a beaker base design made with 5mm glass, designed to impress the eye with its sheer size. Measuring in at 22 inches, this bong is not only heavy but built for a powerful smoking experience.

The hits off the Double UFO Perc Bong are out-of-this-world, giving you that high that only comes from this type of filtration. Two UFO percolators get the smoke churning with a spectacular visual show, activating all your senses at once from the first inhale. The diffusion doesn't stop there, so you can expect an ultra-chilled inhale from the moment the smoke hits your lips.

This beaker bong also comes with an ice catcher, designed to make sure you're not just blown away by the flavor but get an ultra-smooth experience with every puff. The ice catcher can hold enough ice to ensure that the smoke goes down mild and frosty. The 'Daze Glass' logo adorns the side of the chamber, adding a touch of class to this heavy piece.

Get lifted and stay lifted with the Double UFO Perc Bong from Daze Glass. Own your sesh like royalty anytime day or night with this stunning beaker bong. Order yours today while you still can!

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