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Daze Glass 14" Rocket Ship Water Pipe

Daze Glass 14" Rocket Ship Water Pipe

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Daze Glass 14" Rocket Ship Water Pipe

Enter outer space with the Daze Glass 14" Rocket Ship Water Pipe. This out-of-this-world design features dual showerhead percolators housed in their own glass chambers for an intense smoking experience. Aesthetically the chambers second as splash guards and give the user a solid grip when taking their first hit.

This water pipe stands 14" inches tall and has a 90° ground joint. The Rocket Ship rig features a 4"inch base that supports its double walled body as well as dual showerhead percolators. Each chamber is highly shine polished for premium style and boasts 3" thick glass craving a honeycombed color Mille accent on chamber 1 and DAZE logo on tube accent.

The smoke filter is deftly cut through a fixed downstem below the 14mm male bowl before climbing both chambers. At the top the channels combine for 6mm bore and feature a 3 prong ice pinch. This 14" Rocket Ship Water Pipe ships with a matching DAZE glass bowl.

Easy to clean, the Rocket Ship Water Pipe comes complete with a removable showerhead diffuser and is available in several color accents making it a must-have in any smoker′s collection.

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