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Diamond Glass Hovership Dab Rig

Diamond Glass Hovership Dab Rig

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Ignite your torch and get ready for lift-off in the Hovership Dab Rig! This dual-chamber oil rig from Diamond Glass delivers extremely smooth dabs by pulling your smoke into the water within the base in a whirlpool motion for superior cooling power. As you continue to inhale, each hit travels into the recycler chamber on the backside and upwards through the bent neck mouthpiece. The Hovership Dab Rig measures a compact 6” inches tall and includes a 4mm thick quartz banger, making it the perfect combination for flavorful rips of your concentrates. Get a rig that’ll leave you floating high above the clouds with the Diamond Glass Hovership Dab Rig today!

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Diamond Glass Hovership Dab Rig
High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
4mm Thick Quartz Banger
Whirlpool Functionality
Built-In Splashguard
Flared Mouthpiece
Flushmount Joint
Dual Chambers
6” inches Tall
Recycler Body
90° Joint Angle
14mm Female Joint
14mm Quartz Banger
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Choice of Colored Accents
Thick Scientific Glass Dab Rig

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