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Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig Vaporizer

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This limited edition XS E-Rig from Dr. Dabber comes in black and yellow to represent famous rapper Wiz Khalifa's home city of Pittsburgh. A photo doesn't do the appearance justice, as this XS E-Rig Vaporizer features a thermochromatic finish that changes according to the temperature. This is the only rig that will change color to let you know when it has heated up. The included travel bag features the same finish to complement this unique limited edition vaporizer, so you'll be sporting a different colored bag depending on the weather.

Bigger isn’t always necessarily better when it comes to electric dab rigs. If you ever wished that your Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer was more portable for dabbing on the go, your wish just came true. The Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig from Dr. Dabber shares many of the same premium features and technology as the Switch in a more travel-ready package. The engineers at Dr. Dabber thought of infinite ways to make the Khalifa Kush XS Vaporizer the best travel rig, including a new borosilicate glass bubbler attachment with a splashguard that blocks water from reaching your mouth or spilling if the rig is tilted. The Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig also comes with a dab tool for loading your concentrates and a carb cap with a leash, so your essential dab tools never get left behind.

The Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig Vaporizer comes programmed with four different heat settings that enable you to unlock different flavor profiles from your concentrates. Explore the full range of vapor profiles, from small, intensely flavorful hits to large-and-in-charge rips at the highest temperatures. The heating element of the Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig Vaporizer utilizes Dr. Dabber’s TCH technology, which was developed to offer stable and accurate heating. In addition, the Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig features a newly designed quartz dish to evenly vaporize and extract the full flavors of your concentrates.

Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber made certain the Khalifa Kush XS Vaporizer would always be ready for action. As a result, this portable e-rig can be heated to your desired temperature within 12 seconds. You can get up to 35 uses on a single charge which is more than sufficient for a long hike or day at the beach. While the XS battery is slightly smaller than the battery on the Switch, the unit is USB-C compatible, so it can be fully charged within 30-60 minutes. If you are using the Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig at home, you can continue using the vaporizer while it is plugged in and charging. Don’t sacrifice quality for portability--get the Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig Vaporizer for a collab with one of the most reputable vaporizer brands in the game and one of the best rappers in the game.

Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig Vaporizer

Get Connected:

Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig
Thermochromatic Coloring
Spill-Proof Glass Bubbler
Quartz Heating Dish
USB-C Charging
Water Filtration
TCH Heating
4 Heat Settings
12 Second Heat Up
35 Uses Per Charge
60-Minute Full Charge
Wiz Khalifa Themed E-Rig
Pass-Through Functionality
Borosilicate Glass Carb Cap
Borosilicate Glass Attachment

Box Includes:

1 x Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS E-Rig
1 x Borosilicate Glass Bubbler
1 x Khalifa Kush Travel Bag
1 x Glass Filling Funnel
1 x Quartz E-Chamber
1 x Glass Carb Cap
1 x USB-C Cable
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Seal/ Tether
3 x Iso-Snaps

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