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Dunkees Bakedlin Butane Dab Torch

Dunkees Bakedlin Butane Dab Torch

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Drop some Benjamins on a ballin’ torch from Dunkees! Each Dunkees Butane Dab Torch is wrapped with limited edition artwork created by Dunkees, a renowned computer animation artist notorious for redesigning popular cartoon characters with his signature psychedelic styles. This mind-blowing dual-flame butane torch is guaranteed to turn heads and add a truly unique accessory to your collection of dabbing essentials. Every Dunkees Torch is equipped with an easy-to-use ignition system that makes handling this torch with one hand a breeze. The “Bakedlin” Torch uses a dual jet flame that can reach temperatures over 2700°F in mere seconds and includes a handy flame lock with a fully adjustable flame size.

Dunkees became best known for his trippy styling and experimental mashups. Each of his torches embody that style across a variety of mainstream personalities to fit nearly any taste or preference. The “Bakedlin” Dab Torch sports a sleek all-black body with a titanium nozzle and a matching base with a stoned Benjamin Franklin caricature. This high-quality dabbing torch is intended for use with filtered butane only and can easily be refilled from the bottom as needed by removing the base. We recommend refilling with ultra-refined butane such as Newport Butane or Neon 11x to keep this bad boy running as smooth as day one. Reinvent the way you dab with the Dunkees “Bakedlin” Butane Dab Torch today!

Get Connected:

Dunkees Refillable Butane Dab Torch 🔥
Reaches Temperatures up to 2700°F
Dunkees “Bakedlin” Design
Matching Removable Base
Highest Quality Materials
Adjustable Flame Size
Powerful Dual Flame
One-Hand Ignition
6.5” inches Tall
Refillable Design
Handy Flame Lock
Limited Edition Artwork
Benjamin Franklin Theme
Unique Psychedelic Styling
Artwork Signed by Dunkees

About the Artist:

Daniel Militonian (aka Dunkees) was born in Moscow, Russia, and immigrated to the United States when he was just 9 years old. Since early childhood he's had a passion for art, but decided instead to pursue a career in computer animation. In 2012, he started selling his art on the Venice Beach Boardwalk and quit his day job to become a full-time artist. Now as the owner of two galleries, Dunkees feels lucky and fortunate to have found his true calling. Most days you can find Dunkees painting live in California at his Venice Beach gallery.

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