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DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Pen

DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Pen

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If you want the quality of an electric vaporizer but are tired of constantly charging, then look no further. The DynaVap M Plus is an analog dry herb vaporizer that can be activated by any heat source and delivers flavorful and dense vapor. The M Plus was designed to build off of the amazing features of the M vaporizer pen. The new and improved M Plus comes equipped with a finless tip for faster heat-up times and a more pronounced airport for easier airflow control.

The M Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen has a 15% larger chamber for bigger packs and longer-lasting sessions. For those who prefer smaller packs, the Adjust-A-Bowl feature allows users to reduce capacity if needed. Those who are looking to use their M Plus with glass will be happy to know the tapered mouthpiece attaches to any 10mm female joint. If you want a more complete package with a DynaStash carrying case, torch, and additional o-rings, go with the M Plus Starter Kit. Get the vaporizer that does it all without the need for a battery with the DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Pen today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Pen
Adjustable Extraction Chamber
Analog Dry Herb Vaporizer
15% Larger Chamber
Improved Airflow
Ergonomic Grip
Rapid Heat-Up
Finless Tip
Easy to Use
Captive Cap
Zero Combustion
Low Draw Resistance
Compact & Pocket-Friendly

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