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Empire Glassworks Lavender Tulip Double Bowl

Empire Glassworks Lavender Tulip Double Bowl

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This special double bowl piece will add an adorable pair of lavender tulips basking in their beautiful existence to your favorite water pipe. The Lavender Tulip Bowl Piece from Empire Glassworks branches off at the stem to create separate flowers allowing you to pack two bowls of your dry herbs at the same time! These lovely tulips allow you to take enormous rips, mix & match strains, or always have the next bowl waiting in line. This breathtaking bouquet is complete with handmade glass accents that bring the blooming tulips to life, including light purple flower petals and a green leaf growing off the vine. The Empire Glassworks Lavender Tulip Bowl Piece is individually handcrafted from thick borosilicate glass with custom mixed coloring and equipped with a 14mm male joint that can be planted inside any 14mm female joint water pipe. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Empire Glassworks Lavender Tulip Bowl
Hand Spun Custom Blended Colors
Male Joint Fits Female Joints
Unique Double Bowl Design
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Worked Glass Tulips
14mm Male Joint
Ground Joint
Easy to Grip
Tulip Themed
Highly Detailed
Dual Flower Bowls
Individually Handmade*
Smoke Two Bowls at Once!
Water Pipe Replacement Bowl
Made in the USA [Placentia, CA]

*Note: Every Empire Glassworks creation is individually handcrafted down to the finest detail leading to slight variations in color & design. Each piece comes out slightly different than the last, meaning the one you choose is guaranteed to be one of a kind!

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