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Empire Glassworks Mushroom Patch Bong

Empire Glassworks Mushroom Patch Bong

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Console your friends with this whimsical Mushroom Patch Bong from none other than Empire Glassworks! Featuring their signature mushroom themed artwork inspired by the Mario & Luigi video game series, this water pipe is dressed to impress at your next sesh. The straight neck mouthpiece perfectly replicates the green “warp pipes” used in the video game, with a highly detailed mushroom patch growing out of the chamber around it. The main chamber is equipped with a matching diffuser downstem that works to effectively filter each hit through water for optimal filtration and cooling power. The entire water pipe is made from super thick borosilicate glass, and a banger hanger joint with a reinforced downstem provides extra stability. The Empire Glassworks Mushroom Patch Bong has a 14mm female joint and includes a matching 14mm Piranha Plant Bowl Piece that truly brings this theme to life. Whether you consider yourself a shroom-head or just want to reminisce about your childhood, the Mushroom Patch Bong from Empire Glassworks is guaranteed to get the party started!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Empire Glassworks Mushroom Patch Bong
Thick Borosilicate Glass Water Pipe
Reinforced Banger Hanger Joint
Worked Glass Mushrooms
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Custom Blended Colors
Flared Mouthpiece

7” inches Tall 
Straight Neck
90° Ground Joint
14mm Female Joint
14mm Piranha Plant Bowl
Limited Quantity & Availability
Individually Handmade Artwork*
Unique Mario & Luigi Themed Bong
American Made Glass [Placentia, CA]

*Note: Every Empire Glassworks creation is individually handcrafted down to the finest detail leading to slight variations in color & design. Each piece comes out slightly different than the last, meaning the one you choose is guaranteed to be one of a kind!  
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