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Empire Glassworks 10" Large Water Bottle Bong

Empire Glassworks 10" Large Water Bottle Bong

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Stay home & stay hydrated with the Empire Glassworks Large Water Bottle Bong! This unique Water Bottle themed water pipe is Empire Glassworks’ latest design in their lineup of pop culture creations for smokers and glass enthusiasts. This thick glass bong stands 9.75” inches tall and is made entirely from premium borosilicate glass with sandblasted accents that make this piece truly stand out. The worked glass straw-style mouthpiece not only makes this water pipe come to life but provides a superior grip while in use. The Empire Glassworks Water Bottle Bong will always quench your thirst for dry herbs thanks to the fixed diffuser downstem that filters your smoke through water inside the base as you light up the included 14mm dichro bowl piece. Each Large Water Bottle Bong is individually handmade by Empire Glassworks’ artisan glass blowers and is currently offered in two bold colors guaranteed to make a statement. 

Empire Glassworks Forest Green Water Bottle Bong

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Empire Glassworks Water Bottle Bong
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Straw Style Mouthpiece
Worked Glass Accents
Hand-Spun Colors

9.75” inches Tall
Highly Detailed 
Built-in Handle
45° Joint Angle
4.5” inches Wide 
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Bowl Piece
Individually Handcrafted*
Flip-Top Water Bottle Themed
American Made Glass [Placentia, CA]

*Note: Every Empire Glassworks creation is individually handcrafted down to the finest detail leading to slight variations in color & design. Each piece comes out slightly different than the last, meaning the one you choose is guaranteed to be one of a kind!

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