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Eyce 10mm Titanium Carb Cap

Eyce 10mm Titanium Carb Cap

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10mm carb caps are difficult to find, so Eyce made one for you! The Eyce Carb Cap is made from high quality grade 2 titanium and designed to fit your favorite 10mm nails and bangers. Carb caps are a great tool to keep around for dab rigs with domeless nails. If you happen to take a dab thats too big to finish, simply cap your nail while exhaling and save precious concentrate vapors from burning off the top. The handle of the Eyce 10mm Titanium Carb Cap also doubles as an efficient dabber tool for handling and loading your concentrates into your oil rig. 

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Designed for Wax Concentrates 🍯 
Eyce 10mm Titanium Carb Cap
Fits 10mm Bangers & Nails
Made for Domeless Nails
Grade 2 Titanium

Oil Accessory
Easy to Grip

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