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Eyce 2.0 Solid Ice Bong Expansion Kit

Eyce 2.0 Solid Ice Bong Expansion Kit

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Once you fall in love with your first Solid Ice Water Pipe from the Eyce Mold 2.0, you'll quickly want more than one. With the Eyce 2.0 Expansion Kit, creating multiple Eyce molds from your original Eyce 2.0 Kit is easier than ever. The Eyce 2.0 Expansion Kit includes a new base, mouthpiece, and the slide so you always have a new bong ready to go when the previous one has melted. Once you've made an Eyce mold with your original Eyce 2.0 kit, simply use the expansion kit to make another! Having 2 or 3 Frozen Bongs ready to go at a moments notice allows you to rotate them easily and is perfect when throwing a party or planning a big 420 celebration.

Eyce 2.0 Solid Ice Water Pipe

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Eyce 2.0 Solid Ice Water Pipe Expansion Kit
Creates Additional Solid Ice Bongs
Made for the Eyce Mold 2.0
New Water Pipe Base
New Eyce Topper
Easy to Use
Fits 10mm Male Bowls
New Slide & Slide Retainer
Measures 4” x 4” x 4” inches
Original Eyce 2.0 Mold Required*

*Note: An Original Eyce Mold 2.0 Frozen Water Pipe Kit is necessary to make additional Solid Ice Water Pipes.
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