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Eyce Roller Steamroller

Eyce Roller Steamroller

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Let the good times roll with the latest addition to Eyce’s ProTeck Glass Series lineup. The Eyce Roller is a steamroller hand pipe that offers an illuminating smoking experience with its battery-powered LED lights. The Roller matches any mood as you can switch between Green, Red, Blue, and Disco LED colors This steamroller features a borosilicate glass body wrapped in a platinum-cured silicone exoskeleton providing smooth hits and ultimate protection from accidental damage. Each Roller features a unique pattern and comes in a variety of rocking colors.

Eyce Roller Steamroller
The Roller was designed with convenience in mind, and the silicone wrap can be removed from the glass for easy and effective cleaning. It also includes two poker tools that strap on the back and is useful for clearing your spent material while keeping your hands clean. Make sure you’re rolling with a vibrant steamroller on your next adventure with the Roller from Eyce!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Eyce Proteck Series Roller Steamroller
Platinum-Cured Silicone Body
Borosilicate Glass Pipe
6” inch Length
Easy to Clean
Variety of Colors
Integrated Poker Tools
Practically Indestructible
Compact & Pocket-Friendly
Hybrid Glass & Silicone Design

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