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Fifth Element Dual Arc Rechargeable Windproof Lighter 🔥

Fifth Element Dual Arc Rechargeable Windproof Lighter 🔥

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This futuristic lighter is windproof, flame-less and even water-resistant! The Fifth Element Electrode Lighter is the perfect piece of modern technology for anyone needing a quick light. With dual arc technology developed by Halo, the Fifth Element Electrode Lighter will spark up nearly anything from cigars, rolling papers, hemp wick, candles or incense within milliseconds. Unlike a regular lighter, the Electrode Lighter is windproof and impossible to blow out. You never need to worry about fuel either, for Halo Lighters run on rechargeable lithium ion batteries that last for days with regular use. When your out of juice, simply plug the lighter into any compatible port using the included USB charging cable. 

Halo Fifth Element Electrode Dual Arc Lighter

Fifth Element Electrode Lighters contain pulse points where electrical voltage potentials are applied to each electrode point. The voltage potential between the points ionizes the air and creates a beautiful, yet powerful, electrical arc current. The current contains more heat than any flame and can instantly create fire. Large or small, the electrode can light it. Simply press the button, hold the arc next to your object, and pull. The electrode's arcs will adapt and move to the object you are lighting. As an added benefit, Halo Lighters are super safe and can be brought onto airplanes and other public transportation. Unless the top cap is fully open, the lighter will never ignite. Put an end to flicking your Bic and enjoy the rechargeable Fifth Element Dual Arc Lighter instead! 

Get Connected:

Halo Fifth Element Dual Arc Lighter 🔥
Long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery
100% Electric & Windproof
Fixed Dual Arc Flame
Push-Button Ignition
Lightweight Design
2.75” inches Tall
1.4” inches Wide
Protective Gift Box
Compact & Portable
USB Charging Cable 
Care & Use Instructions 
Proudly Made in the USA


**Note: Please refrain from touching the electrode pulse points on the lighter to avoid electrical shock. Product not eligible for international or express shipping.

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