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Flytlab Ctrl. 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer

Flytlab Ctrl. 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer

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Flytlab’s newest vaporizer, the Ctrl. 2.0 Cartridge Vapor System, was designed to provide a streamlined, efficient, and discreet way to enjoy your favorite concentrate cartridges. The Ctrl. 2.0 Vaporizer boasts a sleek design with unrivaled cartridge compatibility, functioning without the need for any threading or magnetic cartridge attachments. Flytlab equipped this vaporizer with a high-capacity 400mAh battery and four variable voltage temperature settings optimized for heating wax concentrates. The Ctrl 2.0 has a pocket-friendly design that is always ready for adventure, while the auto-draw functionality remains in standby mode between uses and is activated whenever you inhale!

Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System

The Flytlab Ctrl. 2.0 Cartridge Vapor System works for any vaporizer cartridge with an 11mm diameter or less, allowing for use with ½-gram and full-gram cartridges within the same device. Simply drop your chosen cartridge into the spring-loaded chamber, close the lid on top, and you’re ready to go! The innovative design of the Flytlab Ctrl 2.0 Vaporizer serves several key functions. The fully enclosed chamber offers complete discretion by hiding easily recognizable cartridges. The enclosed design also provides protection while on the move, whether tossing your vape in your bag or keeping it in your pockets. Additionally, the Ctrl 2.0 prevents your cartridges from being exposed to sunlight, which can diminish the flavors and effects of your oils over time.

Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vaporizer 

The Flytlab Ctrl. 2.0 Vaporizer is one of the easiest, user-friendly vaporizers to date. To get started, press the Lid Release Button on the side of the vape to open the chamber, insert your half-gram or full-gram cartridge, then close the lid. The preset heat settings are indicated by colored-coded LED lights, allowing you to choose between 3.4V (blue), 3.6V (yellow), 3.8V (purple), and 4.0V (green). The default temperature setting is green but can be easily changed by unlocking the lid and removing your cartridge. From there, the LED light will cycle through the 4 voltage settings. Simply insert your cartridge back into the loading chamber and close the lid when the desired heat is illuminated. You can also check on the battery level by gently tapping the bottom of the vape on any firm surface, and the LED light will illuminate to show how much power is remaining. “Get Lifted” with the Ctrl. 2.0 Cartridge Vapor System by Flytlab and enjoy the most streamlined and efficient way to consume your concentrate cartridges!

Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System

Get Connected:

Flytlab Ctrl. 2.0 Cartridge Vapor System 🍯🔋
Fits any Size Oil Tank up to 11mm
4 Variable Voltage Heat Settings
Fully Enclosed Chamber 
Streamlined Controls
Auto-Draw Activation
400mAh Battery
Rapid USB-C Charging
Fits 510-Thread Cartridges
Fully Universal Vape Battery 
Unrivaled Cartridge Compatibility
Made for Pre-Filled Cartridges & Tanks
Eliminates Threading & Magnetic Adapters!

Box Includes:

1 x Flytlab Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System
1 x Flytlab USB-C Charging Cable
1 x Ctrl. User Manual

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