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Focus V Carta 2 Glass Bubbler Attachment

Focus V Carta 2 Glass Bubbler Attachment

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The Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig is known for delivering smooth dabs, and it’s no secret the Carta 2 Glass Top is largely responsible. This simple yet sophisticated glass bubbler attachment uses the soothing qualities of water to iron out the harshest of dabs, leaving you with the cool, refreshing vapor you expect from a high-end electric dab rig. While this method of concentrate consumption is already easier on the lungs, the water filtration provided by the Carta 2 Glass Top makes for an even smoother ride without the turbulence of harsh contaminants and debris.

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Focus V Carta 2 Glass Attachment
Fits the Focus V Carta 2 Vaporizer
Heavy-Duty Borosilicate Glass
Cools & Filters Vapor
Easy to Replace
Glass Bubbler
Thick Clear Glass
OEM Replacement Part
Water Filtration Attachment
Replacement Glass Mouthpiece

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