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Freeze Pipe 18" Gravity Bong

Freeze Pipe 18" Gravity Bong

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This gravity bong hits so hard and cold that you’ll catch a brain freeze. The Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong features not one but two freezable glycerin coils that help cool down your smoke. One glycerin attachment features a spiraling coil design that extends the air path for slightly cooler hits. The other attachment is a straight coil that has a more direct air path and can be swapped with your spiraling coil for the coldest hits. This Gravity Bong stands at 18” inches with glycerin attachments and 12” inches without, so the bottle has space for plenty of thick smoke. This gravity bong comes with a large honeycomb bowl which prevents your weed from pulling through into the chamber.

Start by filling the borosilicate glass base with water to the top of the leaf logo. After that, insert the glass bottle into the vase with water and then pack as much herb as you can handle. This gravity bong can be used without the glycerin coil, but if you want the full experience, take it out of your freezer and keep it nearby. Insert the bowl into the glass joint and slowly pull the bottle upwards until your herb turns to ash. Hold the bottle there and replace the bowl with the glycerin attachment. Slowly drop the bottle into the vase with your lips sealed around the joint and inhale simultaneously. Finally, hold your hit as long as possible, and then exhale your icy cool gravity bong rip! Experience smooth and powerful rips by combining gravity and glycerin with the Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Freeze Pipe Glycerin Gravity Bong
Two Freezable Glycerin Coils
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Flared Mouthpiece
18” inches Tall
Easy to Use
Icy Cool Rips
Easy to Clean
Black Keck Clip
Detachable Parts
14mm Female Joint
14mm Honeycomb Bowl
Super Thick Scientific Glass Bong

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