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Freeze Pipe 17" Recycler Bong

Freeze Pipe 17" Recycler Bong

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Not only does this scientific glass recycler bong from Freeze Pipe look exceptional, but it also provides unrivaled icy cold rips from a detachable & freezable glycerin coil tube at the top. Unlike your average ice catcher that gets filled with ice only to eventually melt down into the lower chambers of your water pipe, the Freeze Pipe Recycler Bong allows you to put the main attraction right in the freezer! When frozen, the icy cold glycerin completely surrounds a spiraling coil within that works to extend the air path your smoke will travel, allowing for maximum exposure and more time for your smoke to cool.

The Freeze Pipe Recycler Bong has a stable flared base that is equipped with a gridded inline percolator for refined filtration right from the start. The inline perc fully diffuses your smoke through water, and the recycler tubes push the water and smoke around for even further filtration, which results in super smooth hits. This bong includes a 14mm honeycomb bowl piece that helps keep debris trapped and prevents them from dirtying your chamber. This unique Recycler Bong was built to last, made entirely from super thick borosilicate glass for an all-around eye-catching display that will leave bystanders in awe.

The Freeze Pipe Recycler Bong is very simple to use but might take some getting used to first. There is a very small learning curve with this glass bong, namely with freezing the glycerin coil. It’s best to keep the top part of this bong in the freezer when not in use, so it’s always nice & cold when you’re ready to light up a bowl. It’s also helpful to designate a spot in your freezer for the attachment, so your box of frozen waffles doesn’t get stuck to the outside! As the name implies, the contents of the upper chamber are comprised of glycerin, which can reach sub-zero temperatures without freezing. Glycerin is used in place of water because it won’t expand when frozen and crack the glass as water could. Once you have your included bowl piece packed & ready to rip, the glycerin tube attaches to the joint on top of the inline perc chamber.

Everything is fitted to create an airtight seal when assembled, and an included black keck clip will hold the two pieces together. The keck clip is made of simple plastic materials, so we recommend picking up this bong by the base at all times or just leaving it tabled for the entirety of your sesh. With a super unique design paired with an exceptional price, start enjoying icy cold rips without the hassle of emptying out your bong every sesh with the Freeze Pipe Recycler Bong.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Freeze Pipe 18” Recycler Bong
Freezable Glycerin Condenser Coil
High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
Matching Glass Accents
Spiraling Coil Air Path
Flared Mouthpiece
Recycler Function
Inline Percolator
17” inches Tall
Simple to Use
90° Joint
Icy Cool Rips
Easy to Clean
Black Keck Clip
Detachable Parts
14mm Female Joint
14mm Honeycomb Bowl
Super Thick Scientific Glass Bong

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