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FX Handle

FX Handle

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Meet the Ardent FX’s latest handy-dandy tool: the FX Handle! With this custom designed handle, it’s easy to transport, pour from, and grip your Ardent FX. Perfect for straining your infusions or moving your device around between decarb, infusing and creating cycles.

The perfect fit, easily attach and detach the FX Handle to the FX device. It makes straining and pouring oils, butter, ghee, milk, cream, and more an absolute breeze.

The FX Handle conveniently slides on and off of the device, and once securely fastened into place, it is ready to use. The inside of the handle’s top ring features silicone grips to ensure the unit stays in place when using. Another must-have accessory to add to your Ardent arsenal!

The ergonomic design is ideal for those who have mobility issues, helping with the straining/pouring process. Similar to a coffee pot, you no longer need both hands on the device when using unless desired.

How to Use

To attach the FX Handle to the Ardent FX, start from the bottom and simply slide the accessory up on the device. Once securely fastened into place, grab onto the FX Handle and use it to easily pour out your decarbed material, infused medium, or baked treat.

To detach the FX Handle from the Ardent FX, simply slide the accessory down the device and remove at the bottom.

The FX Handle can stay on the FX device during decarb, infuse, and bake cycles.

Compatible With

The Ardent FX Handle is compatible with the Ardent FX device, as well as most Ardent accessories including the Gen 2 Infusion Press.

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