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FX Lifter Bundle

FX Lifter Bundle

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Add our full line-up of FX Lifters to your portable cannabis kitchen setup! With different Lifters for different occasions, you might find yourself rotating between all three more often than you would expect. Save time, effort, and plant material with our full line of Lifters, compatible with the Ardent FX.

How to Use

Decarb, infuse, and bake directly in the FX unit with interchangeable shelves for added stability and efficiency. The Single Lifter fits standard sized mason jars, the Double and Triple Lifters fits small jars and baking cups. Just place your material on the shelf of the Lifter you’re using, insert it into the FX, rotate the handle 45-90 degrees, cover the FX, and begin your cycle.

Compatible With

The FX Single, Double, and Triple Lifters are compatible with the Ardent FX.

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