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Ultimate FX Bundle

Ultimate FX Bundle

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The Ardent FX is our all-in-one, portable canna-kitchen!

This DIY device fully activates your plant material (97 – 100%) including flower, kief, concentrate, stems, and more. It also has settings to infuse, cook and bake right inside.

Our limited edition Ultra FX Bundle is a chance to get all the accessories you could ever need for a massive discount. Take your decarboxylation to a whole new level with this bundle including our most advanced device.


Ardent FX – Perfect for the Cannabis Lover, Home Chef, Wellness-Obsessed, Edible Enthusiast, Gadget Guru, and more.

Gen 2 Infusion Press – Features an upgraded pour spout for even more mess-free fun. Easily separate out prepared infusions from raffinate!

FX Single Lifter – Prevents accidental falls and spills while giving you instant access to your material, infusions, baked goods, and finished products directly after the cycle has completed. Streamline your process, keep precious infusions stabilized, and prevent unnecessary cleanup!

FX Double Lifter – Similar to the FX Single Lifter, this must-have tool allows you to activate two different types of cannabis, infuse two different mediums, or bake two treats at once right inside your Ardent FX unit.

FX Triple Lifter – Similar to the FX Double Lifter, the triple stacked accessory offers 3x the efficiency, providing stabilization for easily working with three activations or infusions at once.

FX Vessel – An infusion sleeve and stash jar in one multi-purpose container. An ideal storage solution for flower, decarboxylated material, infusions, edibles, skincare, capsules, raffinate, and beyond.

FX Scent Shield – Provides an extra layer of security for your discretion and a solution for sensitive noses. Allows you to use your Ardent FX with total privacy and secrecy.

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