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Glasshouse Egg Terp Banger

Glasshouse Egg Terp Banger

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The Glasshouse Egg Terp Banger is guaranteed to provide egg-cellent dab rips every session. This banger is one-of-a-kind with its rounded glass tube and dish which holds its heat to effectively vaporize your concentrates. This terp slurper style banger has a 14mm male joint which fits a female joint and a 90-degree joint angle to pair with oil rigs that also have a 90-degree joint connection. It also comes with two UV terp pearls that move around to evenly vaporize your dabs and a large UV marble that acts as a splashguard and carb cap for controlled airflow.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Glasshouse Egg Terp Banger
Male Joint fits Female Joints
20mm Diameter Top
Thick Quartz Glass
Terp Pearls (2)
Large Marble
90° Joint Angle
Extra Deep Dish
14mm Male Joint
Terp Slurper Design
Supports Low-Temp Dabs
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