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Glasshouse Trippy Etched Bangers

Glasshouse Trippy Etched Bangers

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Blow your mind while blowing thick dab rips with the Glasshouse Trippy Etched Bangers. These flat-top quartz bangers come in five different patterns with each as mesmerizing as the next. All styles have a 14mm Male joint which fits a female joint and a 90-degree joint angle to pair with oil rigs that also have a 90-degree joint connection. The Trippy Etched Bangers come with a flat top spiral engraved carb cap to control airflow when inhaling. They also come with two terp pearls that sit in the large bucket and spin your wax concentrates around for evenly vaporized hits. Get a banger featuring psychedelic patterns that are never boring with one of the Glasshouse Trippy Etched Bangers, today!

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Glasshouse Trippy Etched Bangers
Male Joint fits Female Joints
25mm Diameter Top
Thick Quartz Glass
Terp Pearls (2)
Flat Carb Cap
Large Bucket
Domeless Nail
90° Joint Angle
Extra Deep Dish
14mm Male Joint
5 Unique Patterns
Supports Low-Temp Dabs
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