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Grav 10" Gravitron Bubbler Bowl

Grav 10" Gravitron Bubbler Bowl

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The Gravitron Bubbler Bowl is an attachment designed specifically for use with Grav’s namesake Gravitron Gravity Bongs. This 10” inch tall diffuser downstem adds water filtration to the already awesome Gravitron Bong in place of the included glass bowl slide. The Gravitron Bubbler Bowl is equipped with a 12mm joint on the bottom, and a fixed funnel bowl for your dry herbs with a worked glass handle on the top. The 12mm joint is made to fit both the original Medium 11” Gravitron* and the Large 14” Gravitron* (this accessory is not compatible with the Version 2 Gravitron). Enjoy smoother rips from the world-famous Gravitron Gravity Bong with this spectacular water pipe accessory from Grav.

Grav Gravitron Bubbler Bowl

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Gravitron Bubbler Bowl Stem
Fits Both Gravitron Bong Sizes*
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Effective Water Filtration
Worked Glass Handle
10” inches Tall
GRAV Decal
Fixed Funnel Bowl
12mm Male Joint Slide
Fits the Version 1 Gravitron*

Made in the USA [Austin, TX]

*Note: This accessory is designed for use with the original Grav Gravitron. The original Gravitron was released in 2004 and was replaced with the Gravitron 2.0 in May 2021. Please reach out if you need any help figuring out which version you own!

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