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Grav 12” Glass Beaker Bong

Grav 12” Glass Beaker Bong

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The Grav 12” Beaker Bong is a new take on the familiar beaker bong design and will provide exceptionally comfortable hits from an elegant and modern look. Made with thick borosilicate glass on 38mm tubing, the 12" Grav Beaker Bong delivers super smooth rips from its removable fission downstem that moisture conditions your smoke within the base. The beaker bottom design provides a stable base while holding an ample amount of water to give this piece a hearty chug. A geometric pressed ice pinch placed just above the beaker base was designed for stacking up ice cubes within the straight neck while doubling as an effective splash-guard. The Grav 12” Beaker Bong includes a 14mm Grav Funnel Bowl piece for your dry herbs and comes in your choice of an entirely clear body, or clear with black accents on the base and flared mouthpiece. We recommend filling the base with about 2” inches of water for an ideal balance of filtration and draw-resistance. 

Grav Glass Beaker Bong

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Grav® Labs Glass Beaker Bong
Geometric Pinched Ice Catcher
Removable Fission Downstem 
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Sturdy Beaker Base
Flared Mouthpiece
12” inches Tall
38mm Tubing
Easy to Clean
3.75” Diameter
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Funnel Bowl 
Sandblasted GRAV Decal
Thick Scientific Glass Bong
Choice of Clear or Black Accents
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