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Grav Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong

Grav Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong

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The legendary Grav Gravitron gravity bong has remained the most ruthless yet efficient smoking device on the market for a reason and just got a facelift. The Gravitron is the world’s first-ever all-glass gravity bong, and this new and improved version boasts a fivefold increase in glass thickness for more durability than its predecessor. Rather than using the custom 12mm Gravitron accessories of the past if things break, the Gravitron 2.0 is equipped with a 14mm female joint so you can use your own 14mm bowl pieces and other accessories without the need to reorder specific parts. The Gravitron 2.0 also received an upgraded platinum-cured silicone grommet for a tighter seal. Additionally, the interior bottle was redesigned with a more powerful look, and a flange at the top of the neck provides a more ergonomic grip that makes lifting the bottle on each hit a breeze.

Grav Gravitron Gravity Bong

The Gravitron is the first affordable all-glass gravity bong ever made and a true crowd-pleaser for everyone from an entry-level smoker to aficionado toker. Constructed from high-grade borosilicate glass, the Gravitron is the first gravity bong you won’t need to hide away while entertaining guests. A rubber seal lines the base perimeter of the inside bottle, preventing glass-on-glass contact for a seamless user experience. If accidents do happen, all parts are affordable and easy to replace. The Medium Gravitron is the smaller version of Grav’s namesake gravity bong, standing at 9.5” inches tall, and this party pipe is still as much fun to use and hard-hitting as when it was invented back in 2004.

Grav Gravitron Gravity Bong

The Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong is super easy to use. Start by filling the base about halfway with water until the water level is just below the Gravitron decal. Place the bottle inside the base and pack the included 14mm bowl slide with your favorite dry herbs. Begin lighting your bowl while slowly pulling the bottle upwards at the same time. Gravity will cause the bowl to self-ignite as you continue pulling upwards, and the inner bottle will fill with smoke the higher you pull it. Finally, remove the bowl from the bottle and inhale from the mouthpiece as you lightly push the interior bottle back down into the water. This movement creates a pressurized flow of smoke that results in powerful, robust hits. Get yourself a gravity bong you’ll be proud to keep on display with the Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong
First Grav Labs Product Created
Platinum-Cured Silicone Lining
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Black Gravitron Decal
Replaceable Parts
9.5” inches Tall
Improved Grip
Easy to Use
Gravitron 2.0
Newest Version
5x Thicker Glass
14mm Female Joint
14mm Funnel Bowl Piece
Sturdy 3” inch Base Diameter
World’s First All-Glass Gravity Bong

Box Includes:

1 x Medium Gravitron Bottle 
1 x Medium Gravitron Base
1 x Grav 14mm Funnel Bowl

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