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Grav 14mm Male/14mm Female Dropdown

Grav 14mm Male/14mm Female Dropdown

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The 14mm Male to 14mm Female Dropdown Adapter from Grav is designed to keep both your face and water pipe joint safe from excessive heat stress. Drop downs work to reduce the heat damage to the joint of your favorite glass bong that can eventually crack from the high temperatures of a torch flame. They also work to increase the airpath your smoke will travel for maximum cooling. The Grav® 14mm Male/14mm Female Drop Down is made from high grade borosilicate glass and measures 4” inches in length. This unique drop down accessory features two different joint genders on opposite ends, thereby working to keep your joint connection exactly the same. Insert the 14mm male joint into any 14mm female joint water pipe, or flip it upside and use add the female joint onto any male joint dab rig!

Get Connected:

Compatible with Glass Bongs & Dab Rigs
Grav® 14mm Male to Female Drop Down 
Keeps Joint Genders the Same
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Increases Cooling Time
Eliminates Heat Stress
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Joint
4” inch Length
45° Angled Joints
Ground Connections
Water Pipe Accessory
Sandblasted Grav Decal
Fits Male or Female Joints
Scientific Glass Drop Down Adapter
Proudly Designed in the USA [Austin, TX]
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