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Grav 16mm Octo-Taster w. Silicone Body

Grav 16mm Octo-Taster w. Silicone Body

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The Grav Octo-Taster provides the best of both worlds with a pocket-friendly hand pipe designed from a hybrid of resilient silicone and thick borosilicate glass. This taster pipe measures 4” inches tall and was built for adventure. The silicone exterior of the Octo-Taster is shock-absorbent and will protect your pipe from unforeseen accidents, while the borosilicate glass cools your smoke for smooth draws. The Grav 16mm Octo-Taster is equipped with a pinched mouthpiece that works as an effective ash catcher, and an extra large honeycomb screen bowl that promotes an even burning of your dry herbs. The cap at the end of the Octo-Taster keeps your bud in place and easily peels back during use. The entire silicone sleeve comes off for easy cleaning and is available in a variety of colors to match any taste or preference. Enjoy a practically indestructible, pocket-friendly glass pipe with the new 16mm Octo-taster Hand Pipe from Grav!

Grav Silicone Octo Taster Hand Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® 16mm Octo-Taster Hand Pipe
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Protective Silicone Sleeve
16mm Diameter Tubing
Pinched Mouthpiece
Honeycomb Bowl
Variety of Colors
4” inch Length
Easy to Clean
Built-in Screen
Extra Deep Bowl
Silicone Bowl Cap
Nearly Indestructible
Sandblasted Grav Decal
Portable & Pocket-Friendly
Thick Scientific Glass Hand Pipe
American Made Glass [Austin, TX]
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